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Family Manual Fact Sheet – Transportation


Transportation services can be difficult to find and secure. The following outline provides resources/ideas that have been useful to others.


  1. If the family provides transportation . . .


  1. Disability license plates/placards = free parking @ metered spaces.
  2. Income tax deductions may be possible for medical travel.
  3. Reimbursement is possible for transportation if enrolled as Medicaid Private Transportation Provider.
  4. Waiver funding is possible for vehicle modifications (not for purchase of vehicle).
  5. Could Microboard purchase a vehicle?
  6. If public transportation is available, consider including travel training as a transition IEP goal (or part of an Individual Service Plan for adult services from a provider agency).


  1. Is Paratransit an option? In those areas where Paratransit is available . . .


  1. Individuals must apply and undergo evaluation and eligibility determination.
  2. Must reside within ¼ mile of existing public transportation.
  3. Can be certified to obtain discount on fixed-route public transportation.
  4. If your area has no public transportation, then Paratransit is not an option.


  1. Other possible options . . .


  1. Medicaid enrollees can get medical transportation with prior authorization though First Transit (see below) but reliability can be a problem in some areas.
  2. Medicaid managed care enrollees can get medical transportation through their health plan.
  3. Some municipalities may offer internal Paratransit options.
  4. Some medical centers and social service agencies may offer Paratransit services to their clients.
  5. Some communities may have volunteer transportation supports.
  6. Some service provider agencies may require their DSPs to transport clients; others may offer limited transportation services.
  7. Some special recreation programs may offer transportation services to clients for an extra fee.




Transportation Resources in Illinois


  1. First Transit is under contract with the State of Illinois’ Department of Healthcare and Family Services to develop, install, operate, and maintain an off-site, turnkey Prior Approval Non-Emergency Medical Transportation System and Call Center servicing the entire State of Illinois’s eligible Medicaid participant community.   Phone:  877-725-0569


  1. IDOT Statewide Public and Specialized Transportation Provider Inventory  Phone:  217-782-7820