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Family Manual Fact Sheet – Who’s Who in Adult Services and Supports?

Family Manual Fact Sheet – Who’s Who in Adult Services and Supports?


Youth and adults with disabilities may have multiple persons in their lives that are charged with “coordinating” the various aspects of service delivery.  The following titles/positions reflect the individuals who may be involved in planning for your young adult from various agencies along the way.


  1. Prior to age 21 and while still in school, involved staff may include:
    1. IEP Case Manager
    2. Transition Coordinator
    3. Guidance Counselor
    4. School Social Worker and/or Psychologist
    5. Consultants for low-incidence disabilities
    6. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
    7. Therapists, Administrators, etc.


  1. Connected to completing the PUNS (Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services) and/or receiving Medicaid waiver services:
    1. Case Manager at the Independent Service Coordination Agency or ISC. ISC Agencies are also sometimes referred to as PAS (Pre-Admissions Screening) Agencies. The individuals working with you from these agencies may also be ISSA or Individual Service and Support  Advocacy workers.

1)     ISC’s are the “gatekeepers” for services through the Illinois DHS Division for Developmental Disabilities (DHS/DDD).  The ISC determines who is eligible to complete the form. When a name is drawn for funding from the PUNS list, that individual will work with the ISC to complete the needed paperwork and eligibility determination.

2)     To be eligible for funding for services, individuals with developmental disabilities of any age have to have a completed, up-to-date PUNS form on file with the ISC.

  1. Service Facilitator, if pursuing self-directed option for Home-Based Services
  2. After a Service Facilitator has been selected, an ISSA (Individual Service and Support Advocacy) worker from the ISC will also participate in home visits to assure quality control.
  3. Qualified Human Service Professional (QSP) if receiving agency-centered waiver services (Home-Based, In-Home CILA, Residential Services, etc.)
  4. Regional Network Facilitator at DHS/DDD

1)     Illinois is divided into 8 networks with a facilitator to coordinate each region.

2)     To find the network facilitator for you area, you may call 1-800-843-6154 or go to



  1. Other agency connections may include:
    1. When receiving Medicaid, SNAP, and/or TANF – a caseworker at the DHS Family Community Resource Center
    2. When enrolled in Medicaid Integrated Care Program – a case manager at the HMO (Medicaid Managed Care company)
    3. When receiving services from Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services or DHS/DRS:

1)     VR (Vocational Rehabilitation) counselor if receiving vocational rehabilitation services

2)     DRS counselor if receiving DRS Home Services waiver