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Illinois Specific

Cost Reports – from Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services – Cost reports from Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services.

Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services Enrollment Data – Number of persons enrolled as of the last day of the State Fiscal Year 2010. State Fiscal Year runs from July 1 through June 30. Enrollment data is available 90 days after the end of the State Fiscal Year. Available to County, zip code, congressional district, and statewide.

Illinois PUNS Data – Public Act 93-0503 requires DHS to compile and maintain a cross-disability database of Illinois residents with disabilities who potentially need IDHS-funded disability services.

Illinois Snapshot Statistics of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs – How many children in Illinois have special health care needs? February 2015 update.


Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health – The purpose of The Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health (DRC) is to advance the effective use of public data on the health and health-related services for children, youth and families in the United States. The DRC does this by providing hands-on access to national, state, and regional data findings as well as technical assistance in the collection and use of this data by policymakers, program leaders, advocates and researchers in order to inform and advance key child and youth health goals.

HHS Poverty Guidelines – Federal Poverty Guidelines

InfoAble Portal – The InfoAble Portal, developed by Steve Wilson and Roz Anderson, was designed to improve access to disability and health information for Family Connection of SC. The InfoAble Portal combines information from MedlinePlus, Clinical, PubMed, and the Center for Disability Resources (CDR) Library. There are also virtual tours of the CDR collection. In the tour, you can click on certain books and videos that have hotlinks to the online catalog. The Disability Dashboard topics were based on support groups at Family Connection. – Your Source for State Health Data – Health Data by State from Kaiser Family Foundation